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Our Online Fax Review Methodology

General Research

We started by learning as much as we could about the online fax industry. We did this by reading articles, online publications, and information sites such as Wikipedia. Through our research we identified some of the leading companies in the industry, which we used as the starting point for our testing.

We scoured vendors’ websites to get an idea of what they find important; we wanted to understand which features they thought were worth promoting. Going from one vendor to the next we took detailed notes on features we instantly understood and on those that would require further testing.


Once we became comfortable with online faxing in general, we began obtaining free trials for all of the companies we wanted to review. We used these free trials to not only test the companies’ online fax services but also to learn which features we thought were truly important to the overall success of a product. Using this research we compiled a set of metrics by which all of the companies could be measured.

After identifying the criteria by which to review companies, we went through each vendor's product, detailing our experiences and recording information relevant to our initial criteria. We made sure to not only record numerical data (such as price and free trial length) but also record our experiences with the online fax interface and customer support.
Before canceling our free trials, we also scoured the Terms and Conditions of each vendor for any hidden fees or information that would affect a buying decision.


Like most online services, online fax companies are constantly changing their plans and features set. Not only do we monitor vendors' websites for changes, but we also periodically send out emails reaching out to every company we review, asking for their feedback and if they are aware of any inaccuracies.