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Why Use Electronic Fax?

Nowadays sending a fax via the traditional method can feel very outdated. That’s why millions of users are turning to electronic fax and forgoing their archaic fax machines. Why should you switch to an electronic fax service?

Electronic Fax is Cheap

The No. 1 reason to use an electronic fax service is the price. At typically less than $9.95 per month, electronic fax services are incredibly affordable. Because all you need is a computer and an Internet connection, you don’t have to incur the expense of buying a pricey fax machine.

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Electronic Fax is Simple

Faxing online is very easy—you send your document with a click of a button. Gone are the days of manually feeding each page into a fax machine. With a traditional fax machine, there is always the chance your fax won’t be received properly, and you might have to repeat the process all over again. With internet fax, you type in the destination number, add the docs you want to send as attachments and then click the send button.

Receiving a fax is also simple. You don’t have to check a machine to see if you’ve been sent a facsimile. The fax will appear in your email inbox, and you can read it on your computer instantly.

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Electronic Fax is Reliable

The frustrations of relying on a phone line or a fax machine are replaced with dependable electronic faxing. You no longer have to worry about humor error, running out of paper, busy signals, or paper jams.

Electronic Fax Services are Convenient

With electronic fax, you can also receive important documents directly onto your PDA or Smartphone. If you’re conducting business on the go, receiving a high priority fax no longer means wasting time in front of the fax machine—now you can read faxed documents wherever your computer or phone is.

Electronic fax providers offer a wide variety of options; you can either fax through your email account, through the provider’s website or through downloaded fax software that allows you to directly fax documents from your desktop. You are no longer tied down to your office.

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Electronic Fax Services are Environmentally-Friendly

Because you’re not printing out every fax that comes your way, you will be reducing your paper consumption. Not only are you saving paper but also the energy required to run a fax machine that is always on. Saving the environment and conducting business at the same time is a smart move.

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Electronic Fax Services are Safe

You don’t have to worry about protection with electronic fax. All of the top Internet fax providers protect streaming data and website content with SSL encryption technology, ensuring that no one intercepts your sent data. Electronic fax is more secure than a document waiting on a fax machine tray.

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