OneSuite Comparison and Review

OneSuite Review


  • Low monthly fee
  • 30-day free trial period
  • Online fax storage for 90 days
  • Can preview your fax before you send
  • Low overage rates
  • 24/7 phone customer support


  • Separate allotment for send and receive fax pages


OneSuite is a very low-cost online fax service. OneSuite offers local numbers in 36 states, and you have the option to get a (866) or (877) number instead for an additional $2.95 per month. OneSuite's faxes have good text fax quality but below average image fax quality. OneSuite has recently improved their customer support, which is now both friendly and knowledgeable. OneSuite has a 30-day free trial to test their fax service.

30 Days Free Trial
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Fax Number Options

OneSuite offers local numbers in 36 states. When choosing your local number, you decide by either area code or city, but not both. OneSuite also offers (866) and (877) toll-free numbers for an additional $2.95 per month, but the service cannot port a number in or out of the system.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

During testing, we found OneSuite's faxes to have good print quality but below average image quality. OneSuite allows you to attach up to 100 pages per fax. They also allow you to send your fax to an unlimited number of recipients. OneSuite allows you to preview a fax before you send it, but you cannot schedule a fax for delivery at a later date. Faxes are stored online for 90 days, which is three times as long as many other services we've reviewed store faxes. They also allow you to create a blocked/allowed phone call list so that your account isn’t charged for blocked faxes.  In addition to using OneSuite's online interface, you may send and receive faxes using up to five email addresses.


OneSuite charges $2.95 per month for an unlimited number of incoming pages, but you do not get any free outgoing pages with this plan. You must also purchase $10 worth of credits before starting the free trial, which goes towards paying for outgoing faxes. But, if you cancel your free trial, they will refund to you the remaining balance in your account. Each outgoing page is then charged two and a half cents per page, which is slightly cheaper than the typical pricing online fax services charge. This is useful because there are essentially no overages with this plan, since all outgoing pages cost the same amount. OneSuite's free trial lasts 30 days.

Customer Support

OneSuite offers phone, email, and FAQs in customer support. Phone support is available 24/7. During testing, we found customer support wait times to be anywhere from two to five minutes.  We experienced customer support that was both friendly and helpful with answering our questions.

OneSuite News

OneSuite's last reported service outage was in 2005.

OneSuite's Features

Reviewed Plan


Monthly Fee


Annual Prepayment Discount


Start Up Fee


"Receive" Pages Included


"Send" Pages Included


Hidden Fees


Free Trial Period

30 Days

Overage Pages


Online Fax Storage

90 Days

Send & Receive Faxes by Email


Phone Customer Support


Number of States Available


800 Number


866, 877 or 888 Number

$2.95 / month

Number of Documents Allowed

100 pages

Number of Recipients Allowed


Preview a Fax


Schedule a Delivery


Auto Resend


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